Postage Rates

Postage charges are shown at the checkout stage, before any payment is taken. They can only be shown once you have entered your delivery address details. To see postage charges displayed in your shopping cart, go to the checkout, enter your name and address details, and click the 'next' button. Your postage charges will now be shown. To continue shopping, simply scroll down and click on cancel/continue shopping. No payments are taken at this stage of the checkout process.

Postage Items

The cost of shipping is based on the number of postage 'items':

Productequivalent no. postage items
regular size comic1 item
double size comic2 items
average magazine4 items
regular sized tpb5 items
large tpb or regular hardcover9 items
large hardcover (eg marvel masterworks)13 items
absolute or omnibus editions30 items
100 comic bags10 items
100 comic size mylites15 items
100 comic backing boards24 items
t-shirt4 items

To calculate an estimate of your postage charges, add up the total number of postage 'items', then see the table below:

UK Mainland Rates

Total no. of postage ItemsPostage Charge APostage Charge B
1 item2.252.70
2-3 items2.503.00
4-6 items2.993.59
7-10 items3.994.79
11-17 items4.995.99
18-26 items5.997.19
27 or more items6.507.80

Postage Charge A applies if your order only contains comics, trade paperbacks, books or other printed items (ie non-vatable items)

Postage Charge B applies if your order includes some vatable items eg. bags, boards, boxes, tshirts, mugs etc (ie any non-print based items). B includes VAT at 20%. If your order contains both vatable and non vatable items, rate B applies. You only pay ONE postage charge, A or B, not the total of both.


The above is a guide to postage rates for inland UK addresses. As books come in all shapes and sizes, each with different weights, it is impossible to cover every possible combination in this table. A more accurate figure can be obtained by first entering your name and addresses details in the checkout, as detailed above. After doing this, the correct postage rate will be displayed in the shopping basket, and will be updated as you change your order.

Orders containing comic bags/boards will most likley attract the top level postage charge due to their weight. Please bear this in mind before ordering small quantities of bags to avoid any unpleasant surprises over the shipping costs!

Charges for the Scottish Highlands & Islands, Northern Ireland, Channel Islands, and the rest of Europe can be seen by first entering your address details at the checkout stage, and clicking the next button. There is no commitment to buy, nor payment taken by doing this.

If your order includes vatable goods, the shipping charge will also attract an additional VAT charge of 20%. There is currently no VAT on books and comics, but most other products (collector bags, boards & boxes, t-shirts, gifts and posters) are vatable (prices shown for the goods are inclusive of VAT). The postage is deisplayed net of VAT, and the VAT on the postage will be included in the total VAT charge shown.