Comic Collections Bought For Cash

Collections Bought For Cash

The good news is that yes, we do buy comics, and if you have what we are looking for, we will make you a fair and honest offer, and pay you within 48 hours. No collection is too large (in any year we will spend £50,000 or more on collections). If you have a nice, large and old collection (ideally starting with 1960s or 1970s and upwards) then we will make you a no obligation quotation, will take the lot, and pay instantly.

You can email across your collection details (list and any pics that you have to:

Please bear in mind however, that pretty much most of what we buy comes in at 10p-25p each. That is not because we will only pay peanuts for good comics. It's because most comic collections are chock full of pretty low value, low interest titles, with very little sell on value.

If you have the right sort of comics (key issues, hard to find 1st appearances, long runs of major high interest titles, or a nice collection of old Silver Age comics), we will work with you to come to an attractive price, and pay you promptly. You get a cash payment instantly, instead of spending the next 3 years trying to sell off items one at a time, on ebay, and then finding you still have most of them left at the end of it!

We are mainly looking for mainstream, long running superhero titles (Spiderman, Hulk, Iron Man, Thor, Batman), and will buy in bulk. For the most part, we will only be interested in buying modern comics (1980 on) if they are in near new condition. Initially, there is no need to make a full list, you just need to email across an idea of what you have (eg 50 1980's hulks in region 200-300, 100 Spiderman etc). If you already have everything listed, then by all means send us that, preferably in an excel spreadsheet format (xls) one issue per line.

Please note that we are not really looking for any Mutant/X-titles (X-Factor, X-Men, Excalibur etc), Vertigo titles, incomplete mini-series, most non Marvel or DC titles (Image, Valiant, Malibu etc), 2000AD, or non mainstream titles. There are a few exceptions, but most Indies are just too common and very hard to sell on. We will take these as part of a main collection (ie we will take titles we don't want, if they form the smallest part of a collection we DO want), but only for a few pence each, and not on their own.
If you are happy with these sort of prices, we will generally take THE LOT, and pay immediate CASH! You will get the most per comic for complete large untouched collections. Please do not try and pick out the high interest items, and offer us the rest, because we will just turn down the lot. We don't want your unwanted hard to sell leftovers, any more than you do, and only take these sort of items as part of a whole, to get the stuff we really do want. Having been major comic buyers for over 35 years, we really can tell if a collection has been cherry picked (the good stuff removed), and you will just be wasting both our times.

As a general rule, the MINIMUM size of collection we will consider is 200+ comics. There is no maximum size - if you have what we are looking for, we will take ANY amount!

A guide to what we will pay

What we pay is governed by the stock that we can sell, and what we already have in stock.
Some titles, whilst being popular, are heavily overstocked, and therefore of little or no value to us.
For the most part we buy cheap and sell cheap. If the prices on offer are not what you are looking for, please don't take offence (we are not trying to rip you off), it is just what they are worth to us. You are of course free to try your hand at selling your comics yourself on ebay, at marts etc.
Where individually comics hold a higher value, we will take that into account, and include a fair offer. We will also pay most per item (good and bad), if the collection is complete and untouched (good and bad). We buy the bad to get the good. We won't buy just bad comics. If you want to pick out the good items, and justy offload the bad stuff, I am afraid that we won't be intetested, even for pennies!

There is no need for you to go through all your comics and itemise them for us, within the categories we have listed. This information is provided so that you can get a better idea how we will value your comics, and so that you don't get the wrong idea of the value of what you have. We want you to be happy with the price we will pay you, but there is no point in you bringing your comics in to us expecting to get an unrealistic price, when we have spelt out our main buying prices here.

If you are happy with the information we have provided, we will buy your comics with the minimum of fuss and hassle, and pay you promptly, usually by bank transfer for larger amounts, within 1-2 days of us checking over your comics.

Mainstream Marvel & DC Titles 1978-date

The vast majority of comics offered to us are from this time period, are VERY common, and not worth a lot of money in todays market
In amongst all the common items, there are the odd 'hot' or 'key' issues. If your collection includes such items, we will of course take this into account.
eg New Mutants 1-97 are very very common, and vitually worthless, but New Mutants #98 is the first app of Deadpool, and will get you back more than all the other issues combined
However, such issues are few and far between, but if you have them, we will price them accordingly, in your quote.

For main titles, we will generally pay about 20-25p each (you are more likley to get the higher amount for long runs of titles, rather than odd issues or broken runs)

For lower interest titles we will generally pay around 10p each

For low or no interest titles, we will generally pay around 5p each (although if there are a lot of these type of titles, the price can drop as low as 2p each). We really don't want the low/no intetest titles, but will take them as part of a larger lot. We will NOT buy such titles (even for a few pennies), if that is all you have.

Mainstream Marvels & DCs 1971-1977

Avengers, Fantastic Four, Hulk, Iron Man, Spiderman, etc plus 'classic' 70's titles Ms Marvel, Marvel Team-Up, Howard The Duck, Conan etc

For main titles like those listed above, in near new condition, we will generally pay 20p-50p each.
Generally, you will get a higher price for long runs of a title, rather than a few odd issues.

For lower interest titles, the price drops to around 15-25p each.

Silver Age Marvel & DC titles 1960-1970

For strong mainstream titles (long running titles of highly recognisable characters) such as Spider-Man, Fantastic Four, Avengers, we will pay around 20% of the guide price.
ie for comics that would typically sell for around £5 in the average marketplace, we would pay £1
The exception to this is high grade (VFN-NM) KEY issues such as Amazing Spider-Man 1-36, Fantastic Four Vol 1 1-50, Avengers Vol 1 1-10 etc, which would be assessed on a book by book basis, and we will typically pay 25-35% of the guide selling price.
eg Amazing Spider-Man #1 in vg condition, with an estimated selling price of £1000, we would pay around £250-£300.

Non key (later issues, or standard run issues), and lower grades (less than VFN/nearly new), are sold fairly cheap (regardless of what any price guide may say), and are therefore bought in cheap too.
We can guarantee you that we will treat you fairly (and you obviously don't have to accept our offer), but if you are expecting to get back 40-50% of price guide value, then it would not be worth us looking at your comics, as this is unrealistic in todays marketplace.

Examples of Main Titles (buy-in price around 20-25p)

Amazing Spider-man
Captain America
Civil War (main series)
Iron Man
Secret War
Silver Surfer

Batman Detective Comics
Green Lantern (main title)
Superman (main title)

Panini UK titles featuring Spider-man or Batman

Simpsons (US version, not Titan version)
Sonic (US version, not Titan version)
Walking Dead (we would pay a much higher price for early issues of Walking Dead)

this list contains examples to give you an idea. It is not intended to be a comprehensive.

Examples of Lower Interest Titles (buy in price around 10p each)

Avengers The Initiative
Captain Marvel
Fantastic Four
Ghost Rider
Guradians Of Galaxy
Marvel Knights Spider-man
Marvel Tales
Marvel Team Up
Marvel Two In One
Moon Knight
Ms Marvel
Sub Mariner
Ultimate Spiderman
X-Men (Uncanny and New only)

Batman Legends of Dark Knight
Green Lantern (non main series)
Justice League of America
Legion Of SuperHeroes
Superman (non main eg Action, Man Of Steel etc)
Teen Titans
Wonder Woman

Alien, Predator, Terminator mini-series (complete series only)
Star Wars

this list contains examples to give you an idea. It is not intended to be a comprehensive.

Examples of Low or No Interest Titles (buy in price around 5p or less)

Ant Man
Civil War (spin-offs)
District X
Heroes For Hire
Legion Of Monsters
Marvel Comics Presents
Marvel Fanfare
Marvel Icon titles (Powers etc with exception of KickAss)
Marvel Knights Titles (except Spider-man)
Most titles that begin with Marvel... (Marvel Presents etc)
New Mutants
New Warriors
Omega Flight
Secret Warriors
Strange Tales
Ultimate FF
West Coast Avengers
What If
X-Men (other than those listed elsewhere)
Ultimate X-Men

All Star Squadron
Blue Beetle
Brave & Bold
Green Arrow
Justice League Europe
Phantom Stranger
Secret Six
Star Trek
Suicide Squad


Anything published by Vertigo, Marvel sub-imprints, DC sub imprints, any independent titles that are NOT listed in 'Main Titles', and non American comics which are NOT listed elsewhere.

this list contains examples to give you an idea. It is not intended to be a comprehensive.

As a general rule, if the average non comic collecting man or woman in the street is unlikley to of heard of it, or you doubt that they would ever make a movie of this charcater/team, then the title will fall into this category.

Items that we really don't want

British comics (other than 2000AD), film, tv, horror and other non-comic magazines, manga (in comic or book format), graphic novels and trade paperbacks.

Please note

Over the years, the major characters/teams will have appeared in countless series and mini-series bearing their name.
Where we list a specific title, we are refering to the main occurence of that title, and not any other titles which may include that character
eg. 'Batman' refers to any of the main volumes of BATMAN. It does not refer to Batman Gotham Knights, Batman The Movie, Legends of Batman etc etc., which will be of lesser interest and value than the MAIN title.

In a simiar vein, try not to get too excited if you discover that you have Spiderman #1 or Batman #1 etc
Yes, if you do indeed have Amazing Spider-Man #1, published in 1962, in nice condition, it will be worth lots and lots of money!
However, there are also a whole plethora of other titles, called Spider-Man #1 (or variations on a theme), which are worth mere pennies.
We will let you know the true value of what you have, on sight of the comics

A mini-series is any series that has less then 10 issues in its entire run. As a general rule, incomplete mini-series (ie where you do not have the complete run), will fall into the 'low/no interest category)

We want you to be happy with the price we pay for your comics, but you need to be realistic.
If you believe that your comics are worth far more than we will pay, you are of course free to try your hand at selling them yourself.
What we provide is an easy and hassle free option, to clear THE LOT in one go, with fast payment.

We DO know what we are doing, so you do not need to point out every specific 'gem' you have in your collection - if its worth anything much, we will tell you so, and include a fair valuation in our quote.

You are under no obligation to accept our quote, so you have nothing to lose.

We have been in the business for over 30 years, and have an excellent reputation (please feel free to ask around). We wouldn't have that if we didn't treat people fairly.

Please note that you will need to bring your collection to us, at our shop in Camden Town. We do not come and collect. I am afraid that we are not able to come and see you to provide a valuation (unless you have something very special like a large collection of key Silver Age).