Arks Proximan #1

Arks Proximan #1

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Written by Rory Collins
Art by Erich Owen

Adam and Eve meets Ridley Scott's Alien!

ARKS is a groundbreaking science faction comic book series, 10 years in the making where our descendants migrate to extrasolar planets, not in spacecraft, but in bacteria.

Our core series ARKS follows 'Lilith and Joseph' two planetary engineers (Arks) grappling with the realisation that the terraforming process might have inadvertently turned their exoplanet into a bomb.
ARKS PROXIMAN is our sensational new 'spin-off' that follows Odd Bluford; the first exonatal human coming face to face with a demon; a girl from Earth.
(1 Issue of 6 published)

Rory Collins is an award winning film designer and storyboard artist who during Covid decided to adapt one of his film scripts into a graphic novel. Four years and five books later his science fiction series ARKS is a Kickstarter hit and he is now making comics (kinda full-time) until ARKS becomes a huge success or he flames out.

Erich Owen is a cartoonist who has been creating visual stories for more years than he cares to share. His first graphic novel series, Mail Order Ninja, which he co-created and illustrated was published in 2005-2006 by Tokyopop. Since then he has been creating visual stories for companies like Viper Comics, IDW, Andrews McMeel, CBS and DC Comics. For the last six years he has been working with DC Comics from his home in San Diego, where he lives with his wife, two teen daughters, and six cats(!). Oh, and one time Erich ate lunch with Captain Kirk himself, William Shatner, to discuss a comic project; Erich says, "He was great!"