Phase Two #1

Phase Two #1

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Written By George Massey
Art by Day Slight

Phase Two is about a boy who wakes up in the afterlife - it isn't heaven, or hell, and it isn't purgatory either. Rather, he's lands in an unexpected place called Phase Two, where he learns that he has an important job to do. This should lead a reader to think 'Is life on earth Phase One? And if so, does something else come after Phase Two?' If that sounds complicated, it's certainly more simple in the comic book. I should add: follow up issues take turns that readers will (as of yet) likely be unable to predict...

Writer George Massey: George has been writing for more years than he cares to admit. He has some paperback books available on amazon, one of them being a collection of twenty short stories. He's written comic books since he was a child, but this is the first time he's collaborated with an artist to bring one to life. He also wrote a short screenplay some years ago that won a screenwriting competition and therefore gained funding from Film London. He collaborated with artists to make the short a two minute animated film, which beat 42 others in competition, was screened at the BFI and placed 2nd in the finals at Bafta (The Bafta cinema that is - not the award ceremony; although the competition was advertised on television's London Tonight.)

Artist Day Slight: Day Slight is a fine artist who previously worked in landscaping design. Designing real life structures lends itself to his art-style in a fairly unique way - i.e, very clean, clear and easy to follow imagery. He's avidly read comic books since he was a child, and doesn't stick to any one art style. If he finds an artist he loves, no matter what style they draw in, he pays attention. Most recently he's been hired to work in animation, doing storyboards and animatics for a popular 3D children's show (though the show is in 3D, his animatics and storyboards are drawn in good old fashioned 2D.)