Spirit Tracers #1 Cover B Owens

Spirit Tracers #1 Cover B Owens

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Written by Mark Hutchinson
Drawn by Ario Murti
Cover by Alex Owens & Ruffino

Out beyond the Yellow and Blue galaxies on the edge of space, lies an area called the Outer Extremity: a densely populated region where bad energy thrives. Every dark idea or action finds its way here.

This entire mass has plans to expand its tentacles of form across the whole of the Crystal Star System, and to weaken it by formulating a triangle of terror by infecting two individuals named Tetra and Rafflesia to initially help with the dirty work.

Our epic story begins at Crystal City where an impending disaster is a hair’s breadth away from causing havoc. For a chosen few there is a slight glimmer of hope, below ground, where a motorised crystal pod is waiting to hopefully whisk some of them away to a safer haven.

As the story progresses, we find that fate has an unusual way of playing out and calling the shots.

There is a magical realm where spirit tracing exists and contact is made to unborn youngsters who travel to this special place, where they are trained, some of whom become guardian angels who help good energy to thrive around a planet’s force field, acting as a grid of light. Their main role is to stop the fallen angel’s work of the Hellish Root Triangle, who intends to weaken a planet’s outer sphere and then wipe out several of them, as they feel the universe is too cluttered.

Having already annihilated planet Touros in another part of the galaxy, they have planet Gaia on their radar next, which promotes extraordinarily strong energy.

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