The Selfish Dream

The Selfish Dream

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Written by Om Lekha
Drawn by Blinky4

Reason and religion are locked in struggle, grappling like giants in the human mind. Genomics, theocracy, fundamentalism, technocratic absolutism, intelligent design, social engineering, war, terror, factories, battlefields, birth, death, belief, proof: the flames rage. The human story is entwined with the fevered religious imagination, just as it is compelled by the staggering discoveries
of science and technology.
So where are comic books in all this? From the mind of visionary ideologue Om Lekha and the pen of master illuminator Blinky 4 comes
their first comic book collaboration, The Selfish Dream.
A journey through the life and times of one of the foremost public intellectuals of our time, evolutionary biologist Richard Dawkins; a journey to the end of life, and beyond, far beyond...

Through bold storytelling and fine draftsmanship, The Selfish Dream recalls British golden age comics like the Beano and Dandy while taking on the biological determinist account of life itself through its most powerful advocate. Dawkins' life is shown through his own terms of reference, a simple tale of the biological everyman, from conception to death. A death that introduces you, dear reader, to the world of a mysterious protagonist who will take you on a new journey through the half-remembered scenes of our cultural dreamscape - gothic horror, grand guignol, Hitchcockian mystery, Hergé's clear line style and Charles Burns' dark pool style, Kubrick's glassy reserve and the pantheistic sublime - to descend rapidly through the tangled roots of the magical imagination and into the psychosexual prometheanism that fires the human mind. Like the frozen ecstasy of a hidden frieze on some lost temple in the tantric jungle.
Tis a good old yarn that inexorably pulls you into the workings behind the world, the wiring beneath
the floorboards.

Really, all this in one comic?
- Read it and discover!

The Selfish Dream a cosmic trigger disguised as a comic book

The Selfish Dream a pop cultural Bull issued by a Gnostic pope

The Selfish Dream NO WAR BUT THE MEME WAR!