Unity by Vik Deluca

Unity by Vik Deluca

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Written and Drawn by Vik Deluca

The much divided people of Earth find themselves unprepared when a race of alien warlords takes advantage of their shortsighted social and political conflicts to wage global war. The only hope for survival against the ultimate threat from outer space is to look within ourselves.... and hopefully find something weaponsable?!?

A short manga zine squeezed in 8 pages by aspiring writer and artist Vik Deluca (Daydreaming, Abrasive). Support him by purchasing a copy of Unity, all funds will go towards paying his lavishly expensive lifestyle.

Vittorio 'Vik' Deluca is a comic book artist and illutrator based in London, UK. During the day he manages the store you are on right now, during the night he keeps drawing and rewatching episodes of Attack On Titan over and over.

Follow him on Instagram @vikdelucacomics